Thursday, October 05, 2006

Love Letters to Strangers

So survey says...we move. We be in airports, gas station rest stops, subway transfers, bus terminals, but also be still in the space of a gaze, in a staring match with our shoes, on a treadmill of world creation hope hustle. This week(end) write a love letter to stranger, and give it to them (or not).

p.s. we are sufficiently strange so feel free to post to us!


lex said...

sweet montavious

you fell in love with my mom today
you ruby tuesday's waiter
you slow talking gentleman
you slim and fragile prince

you serenaded my mom today
you competitor for the compulsion of a ringtone
you bearer of awkward UPN references and sprite
you rushed and expectant youth

you offered grace to my mom today
you hoped for room in her overfull stomach
you tumbled sundae
you anachronistic optimist

you believed in my mom, you did
you responded to words never granted you
you you refused the certainty of her oblivion
you ignored 25 white customers at once

you begged my mom to never leave
or failing that to come back soon
or that to take you in to-go styrofoam
you impossible beacon of everything
you hopeless vessel of you
you are seen and held montavious

you you you you you

Anonymous said...

wow, being the object of one's affection and not even noticing is interesting and strange. What a lovely way to have experienced the time. I will now never forget Montavious, because of how you penned him. My focus of course was on my precious time with my children and how blessed I am to be their mom.

Em said...

writing letters all the time.