Thursday, October 26, 2006


So..I have yet to be convinced that every poem is not a love letter. Forgive me. This love letter thing is going to last a while longer. Post a praise poem to some for-real-for-real or for play-play-real aunt of yours.

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lex said...

Aunt Sis

Sis of first quilts and endless plants

whose every response is
a "very good"
that feels earned
even when it's inevitable

Sis who will stop
in the middle of the street
to reapply soft stoplight lipstick

Sis of every continent
the priority of view
the value of movement

Sis who teaches me beautiful
is the only thing worth moving for
is the only place to go

Sis rewriting small regrets
with will towards my everything

Sis whose fortune cookies
warn of secret admirers
who firmly rejects the advances
of churchgoing recruiters
who have recently visited jamaica
who tell her she's from spanish town

Sis who believes in eights
and counts on her sister
and who threatened to never speak
to me again if i thought about paying for lunch

Sis of stance and chance
of attention and tension
of gifts of apples
subway maps of moscow
address books for people who i will one day meet

Sis of guesses and faith
and fate and parades
and full full days
and love and more....