Thursday, August 02, 2007

in the midst~~~~for fly ass me'shell ndegeocello

1.the grain of your voice rubbed against vinyl is prayeris a ridge (like a ridge in your bottom lip) where i oil up and tancause blackness is just a beginning and the edge is where i jump to life say i am the offspring of an obsolete machineso i guess me'shell i ain't got nothing to prove me standing here in all my black woman self all dripping with spirit and legacy and rips that healed and ripped and healed and warm hands say i aint got nothing to prove say capitalism is the new religion of the massesso i guess me'shell jesus gotta come back and set this shit straight cause we need a shift to let our people go we need a movement we can breathe through say perchance blindness is but dark thought overcome by the lightand the light is a burgeoning entity that sends eyelashes to the tops of cheeks it shocks the back of the throat as it rolls up the spine it doubletimes doubletimed breath my sweet jesus my jesus i heard that you could save me light travels the blood to the ankles and freezes freezes the walk the thought and the pulse

5.the star beneath your eye is a mantra is an unforgotten sutra an all night orgasmlike this audible memoir speaking all voices but just yours an evangalestic waltz in the higher chakras metronomic sonic swosh the star beneath your eye is a space where marriage can be savior and a whore a whore a whoreawhoreawhoreawhorenever got to open her p*s(y script

a black girl soon to swirl around in her mamas belly writes me'shell a love note and places it in her mamas dreams she does not know other girl babies are writing too together the me'shell love notes make a b.i.b.l.e. read it as a sonogram of your destiny script script

dear me'shell thank you for teaching me that obama and hillary aint as fly as shirley (chilsom that is) and that my skin is written in a rich musical register and that tears open a space for self-construction and that a bass guitar can ask a question as loud as a protest and that thewomanistheonlyavenueofdeliverance and that harriet (tubman that is) was wise to walk her children to canada

truly delivered,
ebony your silence you ask how can i be a guided missile meticulous in my craft a reserve of seeping energy a seducer of liberation a bringer of light a choir of hearts clapping hallelujahs in warm air

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lex said...

word and word. i've been listening to the new album for the past two days. and i am floored. just when i thought genuis had reached it's'shell is bringing us to outerspace again.