Sunday, June 10, 2007

Worldwide Initiative for Poetry (Bathroom Stalls)

The mission of the (Worldwide Initiative for Poetry) WIP is to bring poetry to unlikely places and people like bathroom stalls, drive-through lines, cops directing traffic, holy water receptacles, birthday cakes, ant hills, beach fronts and adults buried in sand, the toys of infants, etc.

Poetry does not belong only to the establishment, academy, or the hottest local venue. It belongs to the people.
As the first mission of the WIP, all lovers of poetry are encouraged to write a poem (new or classic) on toilet paper, on a bathroom stall, or leave a note with a poem written on it in your local bathroom areas. Poems can be written on toilet paper, hand towels, mirrors, floors, or doors.
For dispensable materials, any writing instrument is encouraged. For materials that are not removable, lipstick or an easily washed instrument is encouraged (if a note is note left or taped). This is out of respect for the sanitary workers (unless you plan to offer your cleaning services after a weeks time, which would be applauded by the WIP).
You must take a digital picture of your offering to the bathroom community of poetry and send it to All pictures will be posted on the blog
Please feel free to move beyond the limits of the bathroom to any locality. Just be sure to take pictures!
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