Friday, March 23, 2007

Letters to Freedom

Inspired by SpiritHouse and the upcoming Day of Truthtelling in Durham
it is time to write letters to FREEDOM! Haven't you been meaning to keep in touch? What did freedom look like last time you all met up? Where have you been hoping to see freedom? Have y'all freedom fighters been fighting freedom? If so, kiss and make up (what freedom means to you)!

(please post your letters as comments on

p.s. Send some love to a young woman whose smile looks like freedom to me

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lex said...

Oh freedom,
I love it when you whisper in my ear unexpected like when I'm kissing the one I love. I thrill when I see you spilling light from the mouths of my friends and it makes me smile to see you loosen the pens of the students at New Horizons. I promise I'm gonna make more time to see I can get to know you everyday.
p.s. thanks for the lemonade